BA in Philosophy

Philosophers ask big questions, critically explore a vast range of topics, and call into question established assumptions. Studying philosophy also offers surprising practical payoffs. The habits of mind that philosophy encouragesólogical precision, awareness of the assumptions undergirding any discussion, an attitude of both open-mindedness and responsible criticism toward new and unusual ideasócarry over to many other endeavors.

Program Overview

General Education, 42 credit hours. Science or state requirements may not be taken from courses in the major.

Philosophy Major, 30 credit hours in Philosophy courses

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for Philosophy majors.

The Philosophy minor is also available as a component of the online Bachelor of Liberal Studies.

Program Details

Program details can be found in the Bulletin.

Sample Degree Plan

Department of Philosophy

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Program Costs

Undergraduate Tuition (MO residents) $335.50 per credit hour
Online Course Fee (100% online courses) $59.70 per credit hour
College of Arts & Sciences Advising Fee $10.00 per credit hour

Please visit the Cashier's Office for more information.


College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office

Dr. Waldemar Rohloff, Program Director